Current and Upcoming:

21.8-14 - 21.9.14
Creación en Movimiento
Biblioteca de México
México City

12 - 14.9.14
Art Book Weekend at Devon's Mouth
Københavngata 4
Oslo, Norway

A review on "Farbnamenlexikon von A bis Z" for Kuba Paris, Zeitschrift für junge Kunst

An interview about myself for the Kunstiftung BW can be read here

My book Look at me, is now part of Zines of the Zone project

Some of my Twinned photographs and a text in a
beautiful new publication—Time V.
More information and a peak inside: here

The zine can be purchased here $4 including shipping!

Find some of Back Bone Books titles at:

Printted Matter

Salon für Kunstbuch

Super Salon

*out now*

Residency for the year 2015
Artistes en Résidence, Clermont-Ferrand, France